Junior KG

Junior KG

Kids Castle has a LKG program that prepares children for school. Kids in this program learn letters, words and math concepts, as well as valuable social skills to get them ready for school. Our themes are designed in such a way that children learn in detail about the outside world and their surroundings.

In LKG, we make sure your child gains social, emotional and physical skills in addition to intellectual ones. Children are introduced to formal schooling during LKG. They cover Maths, Science, English and other writing skills such as reading and comprehension.

Kids this age usually have become comfortable and confident with their gross and fine motor skills, so they’re ready to learn how to talk, think, read, write and do math.


Children this age usually start developing their gross and fine motor skills, making them ready for a variety of other skills such as speech, thinking, reading and writing.

Age Group:  3.5 – 4.5 Years