Children at this age are more receptive and eager to learn new things. Montessori and classical education methods are good for this age group because they improve fine muscle development. Kids do more than just go through a checklist of lessons.

They act independently (but in a safe environment) and take part in small group activities. There are also plenty of time for circle time and  ample opportunities to try new things. Children enjoy free play to allow creativity and imagination to flourish.

Educators support children in their reading, writing, listening and speaking skills through poems, fingerplays, puppets, rhymes and songs..

Our Kids Castle Nursery daycare is the perfect place for kids to get used to the world around them. They can explore new surroundings, study different objects and tactile teaching tools, and become familiar with shapes and colors, letters and numbers, patterns etc.

Learning through play is considered the key element to childhood development. The brain undergoes an immense amount of change in its earlier years and is ripe with information gathering. Kids Castle hopes that by exposing children to various art forms and educational activities, we can help them develop a more well-rounded understanding of the world around them.

This method takes a communicative approach and allows them to interact with people more. This then gives us a better understanding of their perception.

Age Group:  2.5 – 3.5 Years