Senior KG

Senior KG

Our UKG curriculum meets the requirements of CBSE and ICSE.

The ICSE/CBSE and UKG curriculum are integrated into our programmes and also offer strong links with international curriculums.

Kids Castle seriously prepares a child for their future in every aspect. From first grade all the way to preparation for attending school, they will be working on the following key areas:

An in-depth understanding of the English language is taught to your child in UKG classes. You know that this knowledge will help him/her get better grades when they are subjected to formal classroom learning.

At Kids Castle, our emphasis is on public speaking- because as parents, there are many occasions where we need to answer for our child. We encourage the children to not just speak in front of the parents, but also in front of their friends and family. We also emphasis a lot on developing habits around responding to questions he’s been asked by his parents, at home or in school.

Immense effort is focused on teaching children to write cursive, capital letters and sentences. Simply writing is a gateway to learning. The sooner children learn to write properly, the quicker they can grasp English, maths and science concepts.

Age Group:  4.5 – 5.5 Years